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IL2L @ MCRFW, Sunday 20th April 2014

After a brilliant bank holiday weekend, we put our favourite leather jacket on and headed down to Halle St Peters in Ancoats, where we were amongst some of Manchester’s finest designers, all showcasing their collections at MCRFW.

By the time 7pm rolled around for the catwalk, Manchester’s most sartorial crowd were all ready for the action of the evening, armed with their cameras and beady fashion eye! Over the course of the evening, we reunited with some of our favourite bloggers, met some new faces and saw a handpicked selection of amazing fashion from Manchester’s prime local companies. Here are some amazing images of the IL2L catwalk taken by Andrew Beckett of www.5foot8.com

The Barney Originals women’s black burgundy ombre leather asymmetric biker jacket is definitely one of our favourites. Also available in white, the jacket is beautifully subtle yet on and off the catwalk certainly makes a statement.

Barneys women’s black perforated biker with contrast suede sleeves

Barneys men’s brown leather aviator flying jacket

Our very own IL2L parkas were showcased together - they’re the perfect all season jackets, with zip out fur so you can either have a thick cosy parka or a light utility layer for those warm(ish) days. View the men’s parka here and the ladies version here.  

Barneys men’s black classic leather biker jacket

Barneys Originals women’s leather asymmetric biker jacket

This Barneys women’s suede coral asymmetric jacket with contrast detail is the perfect way to brighten up your summer season wardrobe! Check out the rest of our women’s suede jackets here.

Barneys Originals men’s black leather with members only biker collar jacket

Our final jacket of the show was the: Barneys men’s dark grey multi pocket jacket

We loved seeing our blogger friends, our IL2L jackets on the catwalk and some amazing Mancunian brands at MCRFW, such as Laundry Boutique, Fair T, RuffLee, and Adnan Bayyat, whose grande finale was simply epic!

Posted on Tuesday, April 22nd 2014


Since we’re featuring in MCRFW this year (did we mention it? Get your tickets while you can, we can’t wait to see you there!), we’ve been having a good close-up look at our favourite jackets and thought we’d share some of the details that you may not see when shopping online


Here’s the ILW-194, an IL2L branded men’s khaki parka (or the ILW-194 for ladies). This parka is the ultimate all rounder jacket. It is sturdy structure and cosy faux fur lining makes it ideal for winter and the removable furry lining zips out to create a light utility layer during the summer. The versatility of this parka allows you to chop and change this iconic style in any way you’d like and it’s available in black too!


This Barneys men’s dark grey multi pocket jacket is a classic style with a bit of a twist. The multi pocket aspect of this jacket isn’t just a functional feature. Aesthetically, it makes the jacket more sophisticated and wearable anywhere.


This Barneys women’s black perforated biker with contrast suede sleeves was new in for AW14, and we’re excited for you guys to see it in the flesh at MCRFW. Perforated leather and mixed textures are very fashion-forward, and this jacket makes it easy to wear and integrate into your wardrobe.


This Barneys Vintage men’s brown leather funnel neck aviator jacket is luxury itself. The tonal fur is warm and inviting, so while it’s not ideal in the sun, it is a perfect jacket for old or overcast days when you need a little extra warmth. Double straps to the collar and leather strap detail to the outer give this suede jacket a military edge. 

Details like these make a jacket, so get to MCRFW this Sunday to take a closer look at our jackets! ♥

Posted on Friday, April 18th 2014

Leather longevity

One of our favourite things about leather jackets is that they are such a wardrobe changer. Whether you regard a leather jacket as a wardrobe essential is more of an individual choice, but it’s undeniable that it is one item which can change the way you dress. Today we’re going to share our top 5 tips on how to take the best care of your leather jacket.  


  1. Just got a new leather jacket? Spray it with a little scotch guard as this prevents water from settling in your jacket. Be cautious in the rain.
  2. Always hang your leather jacket on a shaped hanger. That way it retains its natural shape and always looks great.
  3. If you spill something on your leather jacket – fear not, just wipe it with a damp cloth or sponge.
  4. Salt stains leather, so if you have spilt salt on your jacket, wipe clean with a damp cloth or sponge as soon as possible.
  5. If your leather jacket does get wet, allow it to dry naturally in a temperature neutral room. Never put it on the radiator as this causes irreparable damage. 

Posted on Tuesday, April 15th 2014

Meet the essential leather jacket - #MCRFW

With #MCRFW fast approaching, we’re busy picking jackets and getting ready for the catwalk! We’re going for a minimal look on the day, but we’ve picked some our best selling jackets and created some sets to show you just how versatile they are.

Here’s the Barneys Originals women’s leather asymmetric jacket, a classic style that our customers love - as it looks amazing with everything! We’re really not over-exaggerating; this jacket is cleverly designed to integrate details which are well received from the quilting on the shoulders to the contrasting silver zips and studs. Not to mention the fact that it is crafted using 100% real leather - all for an amazing price. 


Posted on Thursday, April 10th 2014